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How to remove eyebrow tattoo: effective methods and tips

More and more women are interested in how to remove permanent make-up from their eyebrows, so salon services are in high demand. There can be several reasons for saying goodbye to tattooing. Someone regrets about the procedure done once, because it was not done properly — for example, due to the fault of a poorly qualified master. Someone interested in how to remove the tattoo of the eyebrows, because now in vogue naturalness. Whatever the reason, every woman wants to find the least painful and the most effective way.

But whether it is possible to remove a tattoo of eyebrows quickly and without complications? Yes, hardware procedures today work wonders. Now you can get rid of permanent make-up in a few quite comfortable procedures in the salon — thanks to modern technology.

A highly effective method of removing the tattoo, which carries a minimum of risk — laser. Its use provides for minimal trauma and minimal side effects. Let’s find out how to remove the permanent makeup on the eyebrows, seeking help in a laser office.

How to remove the eyebrows tattoo: a variety of lasers

Before removing the eyebrow tattoo, it’s important to decide on a laser.

There are various laser devices:

  • How to fix eyebrow tattooRuby laser. Provides 1 millimetre of penetration under the skin, so it is not suitable for removal of tattoo if the pigment has been injected deeply. There is also a high risk of burns when working with a ruby unit, because the laser beam of such an apparatus has a low speed, its operating mode is millisecond. Moreover, this laser can only be used when working with pigment of certain shades, it «sees» not the entire spectrum.
  • Alexandrite apparatus. This equipment works faster than its ruby counterpart, but it is similar to it in terms of its basic characteristics. This laser «recognizes» only dark shades. The beam penetration depth is 1.8 millimetres. This unit can also leave scars with burns. These units are not used for the face.
  • Diode laser. This device is more suitable for laser hair removal. The power of this type of installation is up to 100 J/cm2, so if a master is poorly qualified and lacks experience, he may not only remove the pigment, but also destroy the tissue around it and damage the blood vessels. This may also result in scarring after the procedure. Diode units are not recommended for removing pigment from the face.
  • Neodymium device. The best solution for those seeking a way to remove permanent eyebrow tattoo. The distinguishing feature of such equipment is the high speed at which it generates pulsed rays. This results in minimal impact on the skin. The 106 nanometre-long beam hits dark-coloured pigments with maximum effectiveness, and is suitable for use on all skin colours. With the neodymium laser, permanent make-up can be removed not only on the eyebrows but also on sensitive areas such as the eyelids and lips.

High-quality neodymium lasers are available from Medicalaser. We are trusted by thousands of professional cosmetologists in Ukraine, we have been producing professional cosmetology equipment for over 10 years. In addition to standard neodymium devices, we have in our range multifunctional devices which combine the features of neodymium plant for permanent make-up removal, diode laser for hair removal and ELOS-equipment for various procedures to rejuvenate the body and face, the treatment of couperose, age spots, etc.

remove eyebrow tattoo
remove eyebrow tattoo
remove eyebrow tattoo

Features of the neodymium laser

The neodymium laser is the best way to remove eyebrow tattooing. It is a compact-sized unit with a display and built-in cooling system. The laser beam penetrates deep into the skin, breaking up the pigment. Subsequently, the pigment capsules are simply eliminated from the body through metabolism, a natural process.

The neodymium equipment comes with various attachments and special protective goggles. Glasses should be worn by both the doctor and the client — this prevents the laser beam from damaging the retina.

How the procedure goes

Can the eyebrow tattoo be removedBefore the eyebrow tattoo is removed, the beautician explains to the client how the treatment will be carried out. During the session, the beautician performs ultra-short bursts of light, lasting 3-5 nano-seconds. In the process, the laser beam penetrates under the skin to a depth of up to 6 millimetres. It passes through skin collagen, elastin and melanin. Once it reaches the pigment, the laser beam splits it into many small particles.

A single session usually lasts no more than half an hour. Approximately 3-6 sessions may be needed to get rid of the tattoo, but this is individual. There are times when more treatments are needed. Immediately after the first treatment, the client may notice that the eyebrows are darker. However, no need to make hasty conclusions, as the pigment is only split, it is not yet removed from the skin. Visible results become visible in about a month, the eyebrows become dull and the tattoo will not be so eye-catching.

Is it possible to remove eyebrows tattoo completely using laser technique? It is impossible to answer this question precisely, because each body has its own individual characteristics, the pigment in the tattoo can be different. But in most cases the permanent make-up disappears practically without a trace.

Can the eyebrow tattoo be removed: indications

It is up to the cosmetic surgeon to decide whether a specific patient can have their eyebrows done. He consults with the client beforehand to find out whether there are any indications for this procedure. This is an indication for laser pigment removal:

  • The shade of pigment does not match what the client was expecting.
  • Unpleasant gaps appear in the eyebrows over time.
  • The pigmentation is not working — it looks asymmetrical / eyebrows that don’t match the client’s appearance.
  • After some time after the application, the eyebrows faded.


After talking to the client and assessing the tattoo, the doctor will decide whether the tattoo can be removed from the eyebrows. If the decision is positive, he prescribes a certain number of sessions that are required for removal. The number of treatments depends on the patient’s pigment shade and the intensity of the colouring. The brighter the colour, the more difficult it is to remove.

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