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Improper nutrition, ecology of the metropolis that is far from ideal and constant stress negatively affect the health of the skin. Gradually, it fades, becomes dull, dry and lifeless. Such aesthetic problems can occur in any person, regardless of gender and age.


Almost every woman is dissatisfied with the shape of her face, most likely her chin – the fat is accumulated in this area; with age, the contours lose clarity. It is difficult, almost impossible to bring back the former beauty on your own, but medicine does not stand still. Liporeduction (lipolytic mesotherapy) is a new procedure in cosmetology, which allows not only to fight fat deposits, but also to preserve the beauty of the skin.


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What is liporeduction

Liporeduction (lipolytic mesotherapy) is a low-traumatic procedure, which is aimed at combating excess fat deposits in the chin area. Recently, lipolysis was used to correct the chin. This procedure removed fat deposits, but left «excess» skin. With liporeduction, not only fat deposits are removed, but also the elasticity of the skin is preserved. In addition to the chin, liporeduction of the abdomen can be performed. This procedure is similar to the usual liposuction, but it is much less traumatic and has fewer drawbacks. A large number of patients appreciated the procedure of liporeduction of the second chin and were satisfied with the result.

Indications for liporeduction

If you are interested in this procedure, then make sure to contact proven and experienced specialists. A cosmetologist will perform an examination and identify possible contraindications. If there are not any, then the procedure will be scheduled.

Indications for liporeduction:

  • severe swelling;
  • the presence of fat deposits in the problem area;
  • indistinct facial contours.

If there is any dissatisfaction with your appearance, there is an excess fat in the chin area and you want to get rid of it — you may need to see a professional and undergo a liporeduction procedure.

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Chin liporeduction

Do not confuse this procedure with liposuction — there are differences in them. Liposuction is the pumping out of a large amount of fat with the aid of special tools and equipment, and only a surgeon (plastic surgeon) performs this procedure. Liporeduction of the body can be performed by a cosmetologist. Special cannula hooks are used here. The procedure is low traumatic, has a minimum of contraindications and side effects.


If liporeduction is done, rehabilitation will take only a few days, and the results can be assessed immediately. After the procedure, a bandage is applied to a patient, which is worn for several days. For two weeks, it is recommended to sleep on high pillows. During the rehabilitation time, it is not recommended to sunbathe, visit sauna and swimming pool; it is advisable to exclude any severe physical activity.

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Lipolytic mesotherapy: how the procedure is performed

  1. Тhe patient is injected with anesthesia, so no discomfort and pain will be felt.
  2. Excess fat is removed using special cannulas. It is inserted into one of the points of the chin and the absorption of fatty tissue begins. Before that, a special solution is introduced into the problem area, which makes the subcutaneous fat thinner (initially it is viscous). This is necessary for the simplicity of the procedure.
  3. If necessary, the skin of the face is additionally tightened with cosmetic threads. The procedure for correcting local fat deposits kicks off the natural recovery processes and the skin tightens itself after a while.

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  1. minimal injuries;
  2. almost instant result;
  3. duration is no more than 30 minutes;
  4. rapid rehabilitation;
  5. minimum of contraindications;
  6. almost complete absence of side effects.

Such manipulation can be performed in combination with others, if necessary. Of course, you must first consult with a cosmetologist.

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  • severe obesity;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • endocrine disorders;
  • local dermatological diseases;
  • mental disorders.

Before prescribing the procedure, a cosmetologist conducts an examination and makes sure that there are no contraindications.


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