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Improper nutrition, ecology of the metropolis that is far from ideal and constant stress negatively affect the health of the skin. Gradually, it fades, becomes dull, dry and lifeless. Such aesthetic problems can occur in any person, regardless of gender and age.


Eyebrow lamination is a unique procedure that can solve the problem of many women — daily grooming of eyebrows and their recurrent coloring. As a result, your eyebrows will become stronger, will not fall out and will gradually gain the necessary density. Moreover, because of lamination of the eyebrows, hair growth is accelerated, the follicles are healed due to the intake of nutrients. The majority of specialists of salons and beauty centers in New York offer parallel coloring as an addition. As a result, the hue is more saturated, bright and natural.


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Indications for eyebrow lamination are:

  1. Weakened, sparse eyebrows.
  2. Eyebrows sticking out in different directions.
  3. Asymmetrical eyebrows.
  4. Light or naturally white eyebrows.

The procedure of eyebrow lamination is very safe. However, nevertheless, there are contraindications, and if they there are existing it is better not to resort to this procedure:

  1. Tendency to allergic reactions.
  2. Pregnancy and lactation.
  3. Eye diseases.

Features of eyebrow lamination

Lamination is a popular cosmetic procedure that is aimed at improving the appearance of eyebrows and their healing. Most often, women who have eyebrow defects resort to this procedure. In addition, eyebrow lamination will be an excellent option for girls with thin or lifeless hairs. This procedure strengthens the hairs beautifully and saturates them with all the necessary nutrients, which contribute to a more active hair growth.

In addition to healing, eyebrow coloring can also be performed. Due to lamination, the hair becomes much stronger, and at the same time looks quite natural. You can forget about eyebrows correction and coloring for quite some time.


Technology of eyebrow lamination procedure

Hair lamination is aimed at restoring weakened hairs, their nourishment and moisturizing with keratin and mineral oils. The duration of this procedure is no more than an hour.

During this time, a specialist performs the following manipulations:

  1. Disinfection and degreasing of eyebrows and the skin around them.
  2. Applying a special solution to soften and smooth all wrinkles and irregularities.
  3. Giving the eyebrows the necessary shape.
  4. Applying a serum to each hair that fixes and softens the eyebrows.
  5. Application of color pigments for brightness and saturation of eyebrows.
  6. Fixing the effect by applying a small layer of keratin.

As a result of the above manipulations, your eyebrows will look longer and denser. The effect will last for at least two months.



Depending on what materials will be used in the process of eyebrows lamination, there are the following types of lamination:

1. Sculpturing.
This procedure allows correcting and fixing the shape of the eyebrows. Sculpturing lamination is indicated for those whose hairs are stiff, unmanageable or require daily styling. As part of this procedure, special solutions are used for weighting. As a result, your eyebrows will look well-groomed and natural.

2. Coloring.
This type of eyebrow lamination is in greater demand than micropigmentation. Coloring lamination gives the eyebrows the desired shade and cares for the hairs. This procedure involves the use of solutions with coloring pigments that are hypoallergenic. The products used have an excellent permeability and get into the deep structures of the hair, saturating them with a pre-selected shade. The pigment applied to the eyebrows lasts about four to seven weeks (it all depends on their initial condition).

3. Therapeutic.
In addition to coloring and correction, lamination can be used to restore and nourish eyebrows. Special therapeutic solutions can be used for this. These are primarily plant extracts and vitamins:

  • Silk proteins.
  • Sunflower.
  • Hops.
  • Chamomile.
  • Natural oils.
  • Yarrow.

Therapeutic lamination perfectly strengthens the follicles, nourishes, moisturizes, and stimulates its growth. In addition, due to therapeutic lamination, the structure of the eyebrows is healed, and visually the eyebrows look more attractive.

Sometimes, in addition to the above-mentioned types of lamination, keratin lamination is used. However, keratins are used in every procedure to restore eyebrows.Before you sign up for the procedure, be sure to choose the type of lamination that you need.



Eyebrow lamination is a safe procedure, but has some contraindications:

  1. Eye diseases.
  2. Infectious diseases.
  3. Pregnancy and lactation.
  4. Allergy to the solutions used during the procedure.


Eyebrow care after lamination

After lamination, some recommendations should be maintained. For example, it is not allowed to wash the face for two days after the procedure and touch the eyebrows. After a few days after lamination, you can use tanning salon, bathhouse and a swimming pool.

Advantages of eyebrow lamination

Eyebrows lamination has many advantages. After undergoing the procedure, your eyebrows will look much healthier: their grooming and density look natural. The look becomes more expressive, and the hard hairs are gradually softened and fixed in the desired direction. The result of eyebrow lamination lasts for two months. In the process of lamination, specialists use only natural solutions that nourish and moisturize each hair. The solution applied to the eyebrows performs a barrier function against temperature changes, dry air, frost, exposure to ultraviolet radiation and other aggressive factors that provoke hair loss.

In addition, during the lamination procedure, you will not feel any discomfort (burning or pain). Eyebrow lamination service is very popular in beauty salons and refers to such a type of procedure as Permanent Makeup.



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