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A unique laser rejuvenation procedure on the premium PicoSure picosecond laser from the company CynoSure (USA).


A unique laser rejuvenation procedure on the premium PicoSure picosecond laser from the company CynoSure (USA).

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The uniqueness of the procedure lies in the simultaneous solution of a whole range of tasks, such as: rejuvenation, laser dermal resurfacing, pigmentation treatment, pore narrowing and smoothing of wrinkles. The settings of the device allow a medical professional to approach each patient individually, highlighting the key points and enhancing the impact of the procedure on a particular problem. PicoSure is a completely new technique and a revolutionary development of American engineers; it is the world’s first “cold laser”, which allows the procedure to be quite comfortable, its performance without any anesthesia and has practically no rehabilitation time that takes only 2-3 hours and is resulting only in a slight redness and burning.

Entire face 350$

Neck 150$

Arms 250$

Elbows 70$

Abdomen 350$

Back (half) 400$

Back (entire) 750$

Knees 150$

Inner surface of shoulders 150$

Inner thigh surface 150$

Face and neck 400$

Face + Neck 500$

Face + Neck (light) 450$

*the exact is calculated only during face-to-face consultation

PicoSure rejuvenation is great for all patients, including patients with skin hypersensitivity. The procedure is in high demand, both for healthy skin, giving it an even color, tone and gloss, and is essential for patients with various signs of age-related changes and pigmentation.


The procedure is aimed at the synthesis of collagen and elastin. Light energy penetrates into the target cells in a few trillionths of a second; as a result – the process of intensive rejuvenation is launched. The highest speed and power of the device allow performing the procedure of rejuvenation of an entire face in the space of 10-15 minutes. Thanks to an innovative technology, PicoSure rejuvenation is performed even during sunny seasons; an ultra-short effect does not have time to heat the epidermis; furthermore, the procedure is several times more powerful than similar procedures on lasers of the past generation. Within the framework of one PicoSure rejuvenation procedure, the whole complex of problems is solved. Even in the most difficult cases, the course consisting of 3 to 5 sessions allows to solve the problem.

• Rejuvenation, age-related changes;
• Treatment of pigmentation;
• Treatment of scars;
• Treatment of acne/post-acne;
• Vascular treatment.

• Malignant tumors, as well as benign conditions, depending on their state;
• Hemophilia, anemia, leukemia, leukopenia and other blood diseases;
• Chronic and viral diseases in the acute stage;
• Pregnancy and lactation;
• Diseases of internal organs;
• It is also not recommended to perform the procedure in summer or before a trip to the sea, as the sun’s rays can adversely affect the treated area of the skin.


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81 2nd Avenue, New York, NY

STE 1, 10003

+1 929 666 27 72