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Microblading: the right path to perfection

Microblading is a brand new eyebrow technology. Unlike the classic machine tattoo, the effect of permanent make-up is as realistic as possible. It is important that the result is not less time-consuming — from one to two years.

Microblading, literally translated from the English language, means «mikroblading» (from the «micro» — small and «blade» — blade, knife). It means that pigmentation is done manually with the help of the thinnest disposable needles. In this way, the master paints each hair separately or creates a shadow effect, thanks to which eyebrows have a well-groomed and natural look. No other machine is capable of this result!

Since microblading procedure is relatively new on the market, it is appropriate to talk about this technology in detail. What are the advantages compared to the classic tattoo, how effective is the procedure and how to prepare for it — tell us below.

Benefits of brow microblading

Manual micropigmentation of the eyebrows is oriented towards restoring their appearance. Lack of density, a naturally imperfect shape, blond or over plucked hairs, scars and other imperfections can easily be corrected using this method.

What are the advantages of microblading compared to conventional tattooing?

  • The procedure is virtually painless;
  • There is no swelling after the procedure;
  • The pigment does not change its colour over time;
  • the tiny needles do not damage the deeper layers of the skin, unlike a classic tattoo machine;
  • the eyebrows heal quickly and comfortably, leaving no scars.

Because of this, microblading is rapidly gaining popularity among craftsmen and clients all over the world.

microblading new york
microblading new york
microblading new york

Choosing the right craftsman is the key to a flawless result

Eyebrow migropigmentation is a real art that requires precision craftsmanship. The craftsman works entirely by hand and the criteria for a positive result are the skill of the specialist and his or her professionalism. A master must know the colour to choose the right pigment for you, based on your skin colour, eye and hair colour.

Before giving preference to a particular master, make sure to familiarize yourself with his/her works, look through his/her photos on Instagram and read reviews.

Observe the rules of preparation for the procedure

To minimise possible side effects, you should follow some simple rules before going for microblading.

For about a week before the procedure, do not adjust the eyebrows, do not pluck or dye them. This will allow the craftsman to objectively assess the density, direction of growth and other specifics of your eyebrows;
do not go to the solarium the day before the procedure. Your beautician will need to assess your skin colour type as given to you by nature in order to choose the right colour. Tanning also makes the skin rougher and prevents pigment from adhering properly;
A week before the session, do not drink coffee or alcohol, and avoid taking blood thinners;
microblading should be abstained from, if you have had treatment at a cosmetologist for less than 1 month.

Contraindications to microblading

Despite the low traumatic effects, there are contraindications to the procedure. You should categorically not use manual micropigmentation if you have any skin diseases, diabetes, moles or haemangiomas at the correction area, if you suffer from hypertension, acute inflammatory conditions, blood diseases, if you are pregnant or if you are lactating.

You can learn all the legends and myths about microblading

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