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Lamination or eyelash extensions. Which to choose in NYC?

eyelash extensions in NYC

Every girl dreams of having voluminous, fluffy lashes like they look in a magazine. Some use curling tongs to curl their lashes, or only mascara that promises volume. But that’s enough for one day. Consider the products that will make you look like a dream and let you forget about eye make-up for a month.

Eyelash lamination

eyelash extensions in NYC

Eyelash lamination is a procedure that is performed with a keratin compound. Keratin is a type of protein that is already present in the human body, e.g. hair and nails are made of it. Apart from keratin the lamination programme also contains vitamins, which nourish and strengthen the eyelashes, making them thicker, and stimulate their growth. Lamination gives volume to eyelashes, makes them visually thicker.

Many people ask how are laminated eyelashes done? In general, the procedure is based on the use of three compounds. First, the eyelashes are applied Composition № 1, which cleanses the hair, opening up the micro-cells of hair, allowing further compounds to better penetrate into the eyelash structure. Compound № 2 infuses keratin and vitamins into lashes. The third composition fixes the result. Before applying the second serum, eyelashes are fixed on a special roller, which models the future curvature of the eyelashes. Lamination can be done with or without colouring, if you want to add colour, lashes are tinted in the desired shade before applying one of the compositions.

Lamination makes eyelashes look thicker and healthier. Due to the created curve, the look becomes more expressive. Even if lashes are not coloured during the procedure, lamination gives more intensive colour to your natural eyelashes.

Pluses of laminating eyelashes:

  • Speed of the procedure. Eyelash lamination takes not more than an hour and a half.
  • Therapeutic effect. As a result of the procedure, you will get not only a beautiful curve, but also restore damaged eyelashes, nourishing them with vitamins.
  • Long lasting effect. Eyelash lamination can be worn from 1,5 to 2 months.
  • You can use cosmetics: apply and rinse mascara without fear of damaging your eyelashes.

Drawbacks of eyelash lamination:

  • Possible individual intolerance to the components;
  • Eyelash lamination can not be done if you plan to have Eyelashes laminated, because after lamination, the lash extension glue may not join the artificial lashes to the natural ones.
  • Lamination does not make eyelashes longer, it only gives them more volume.

Eyelash Extension

Eyelash extensions are made by attaching an artificial eyelash to a natural one. Artificial eyelashes can be one on each natural eyelash, or you can have a bunch of 4 to 7 lashes.

eyelash extensions in NYC
eyelash extensions in NYC
eyelash extensions in NYC

Conditions for eyelash extensions: insufficiently thick or short natural eyelashes. You can get eyelash extensions for beauty, if you are tired of everyday make-up, for a festive event, or opt for Russian Volume extensions to create a complete look. Here are some examples, in fact, you don’t need an occasion to get eyelash extensions, only a desire.

Types of Eyelash Extensions

Classic Eyelash Extension is the extension of one eyelash per natural and one artificial eyelash. This type of extensions is one of the most popular, because it only accentuates natural eyelashes, gives a slight volume, and makes the look fresher and more expressive. Generally, if your natural eyelashes are long and thick, lamination will give the same effect.

eyelash extensions in NYC

2D or 3D eyelash extensions are two or three artificial eyelashes per natural lash. After the lashes are 2 or 3 times thicker, eyes become the centre of make-up, and the need to use mascara is practically eliminated. Russian Volume lashing is extension of 4-7 lashes on one natural lash. Fantastic eyelashes volume is effected by extending lashes using this method. Volumetric eyelash extensions require close eye care, make-up should be removed very carefully, and it is not recommended to rub the eyes.

Pluses of eyelash extensions:

  • Wide range of length, thickness and curves of artificial eyelashes;
  • With the help of Eyelash extensions the eyelashes are emphasised, or flaws are compensated;
  • With the help of Eyelash Extension multiple volume of eyelashes can be achieved;
  • Colour lashes, Eyelash extensions only on lashes in the corner of the eyes, and other techniques. Eyelash extensions are an open space for creativity of the artisan and the client.

Cons of Eyelash Extension:

  • Duration of the procedure. Volumetric eyelash extensions can take up to 6 hours;
  • Careful treatment of eyelashes. It is not recommended to use oil or oil-based cosmetic products, fat cream, as this dissolves the lash glue, do not rub eyes, or sleep with your face in the pillow — mechanical effect damages the artificial and natural eyelashes;
  • The effect of eyelash extensions, with proper care, lasts for 3-4 weeks;
  • It is not recommended to do Eyelash extensions if you have an eye disease, as well as if you are intolerant to the components of the glue;

Thus eyelash lamination is rather a curative procedure, the result of which is lush and beautifully curved eyelashes. Eyelash extensions are a procedure that makes eyelashes look full, long and fluffy. It is for you to decide what to choose! Do not be afraid of experiments! Every procedure will give you a expressive look!

eyelash extensions in NYC

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