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How to choose pigments for eyebrow microblading?

Microblading NYCMicroblading is the procedure of choice for girls who dream of long-lasting eyebrow colouring. It is also suitable for repairing damaged eyebrows. The perfect result of the microblading procedure is achieved through a combination of three factors: professionalism of the master, handy tools for work and correctly selected pigments. Of course, a significant role played by the type of skin, pre-treatment and overall workplace equipment, but we will focus on the first three.

Master microblading must feel the shape of the eyebrows, understand the condition and colour type of the client’s skin, and of course, have experience in microblading eyebrows, confirmed by a certificate. You can improve your skills on special courses, microblading trainig.

Comfortable tools are another important factor for the microblading procedure to avoid disappointment. Since the procedure is done by the master manually, it is necessary to pay attention to the choice of pens and needles for microblading.

Finally, the pigments. In microblading, the pigment is introduced under the skin no more than 0.4 mm. From this follows the main properties that must have pigments: consistency, concentration and quality.


For microblading, choose pigments specifically formulated for the procedure. For example, tattoo pigment is often liquid. For microblading, it is not acceptable, this consistency simply does not stay in the skin at such a shallow depth. Therefore, good microblading pigments often have a creamy texture.


It is expected that the pigment will not fade for a sufficiently long time, for this the concentration of the dye must be high. Concentration also influences the consumption of the substance. With concentrated pigment, it is sufficient to fill the eyebrow only once. It is not necessary to re-draw the hairs, shadow or repeat the powder effect. This significantly reduces procedure time and saves consumption of pigments.


It goes without saying that the pigment that is injected under the skin, albeit at a shallow depth, must be of high quality. Good raw materials exclude any allergic reactions to the pigment. Quality pigments also ensure predictable result of the procedure — over time eyebrows do not turn green and they do not turn blue. The colour of the right pigment will not change over time at all, it may only become duller.

Microblading NYC photo
Microblading NYC photo
Microblading NYC photo

Finally, the variety of hair colours requires that the microblading pigments for eyebrows also keep up with the number of shades. Slide&Tap pigments are highly concentrated creamy pigments, available in a palette of 20 shades: 16 basic and 4 corrective. The choice of colour is based on the client’s colour type — cool or warm — as well as on the colour of the client’s eyes and hair.

Choosing pigments for microblading, be guided by the comfort of their use! It is therefore important to pay attention to the packaging when purchasing pigments for the job. Slide&Tap pigments are ergonomically packaged in a very comfortable way. Each pigment bottle not only has a «native» lid, but also includes an additional cap, which fits snugly to the jar and is used when the pigment is opened.

Pigments are the most important ingredient for a good treatment and a great mood for the craftsman and the client!

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